Alessandro Bissa

 22/05/1978, Asola  (MN) IT

lives in Ghedi (BS) IT


  • AMEDIA Cymbals
  • ATTACK Drumheads
  • GON BOPS Percussion


 –  from 1986 to 1992 trumpet lessons with M° Sergio Gelmetti

–  from 1994 to 1998 drums studies by himself

–  from 1998 to 2005 drums studies with M° Matteo Maffessanti (pop-blues) and M°Valerio Abeni (jazz master)

–  In  2005 enters in Accademia Musica Moderna and get graduated in 1 year under Franco Rossi’s guide.

–  In 2006  certified as 1st level teacher

–  In 2007  certified as 2nd level teacher

–  Author of the new  AMM’s advanced course in Rock & Metal for advanced drummers

–  former member of EUROPEAN MUSIC ACADEMY


Main Events:

–  From 1997 to 2006 he performed in Italy with local bands (about 70 gigs/year)

–  In 2003 he begun to teach drums in private schools

–  In 2005/6 begins to teach for Accademia Musica Moderna

–  October 2006  joined VISION DIVINE and completed the scheduled tour  “the perfect machine”

–  November 2006 he opened a new AMM drum-school in Brescia

–  March 2007 he joined the Italian heavy metal “all star band” called METAL GANG.

–  2007 new Vision Divine’s cd “the 25th hour” (recorded in jannuary 2007) for Scarlet Records label worldwide distributed. Promotional tour in ITALY, CHINA+TAIWAN (first European metal band touring in China), BRAZIL, PARAGUAY, ARGENTINA, PERU’, CHILE.

–  August 2007 he recorded the whole new cd of the band “ATHLANTIS” as special guest. Worldwide distributed for per Underground Symphony label.-  May 2008 he recorded 1 song in the new LONGOBARDETH cd (Sweet Poison Records) as special guest.

–  Aug-Sep 2008 he recorded Vision Divine’s CD “9° West of the moon” (Frontiers Record), worldwide distributed. Italian tour, European Tour and Festivals (Rockin’field with AVANTASIA, HELLOWEEN, EPICA…)

–  Oct. 2008 he graduated as Amm’s National coordinator for the new rock/metal section. In the same month he recorded the first album of the band MASTERCASTLE “the Phoenix” (Lion Music worldwide distributed) as special guest in all songs. 2 songs of the record has been used as play along of the new Franco Rossi drums-method “L’EVOLUZIONE DELLA SPECIE” (edizioni Carisch).

–  Dec.2008  he recorded the second cd of the band ANGELIZE as special guest in all songs (Self producted)

–  Dec. 2009 he recorded the second cd of the band MASTERCASTLE called “last desire” (Lion Music, worldwide distributed) as special guest in all songs.

–  Gen. 2010 he recorded the new LABYRINTH’s album  “return to heaven denied pt.2” (Scarlet Records, Live management,  worldwide distributed).

–  Spring-summer gigs scheduled as opening act for  MEGADETH (Milan-it, Bologna-it, Rome-it), OZZY OSBOURNE (Padova-it), IRON MAIDEN (Udine-it).

–  FESTIVALS 2010: GODS OF METAL (with Motorhead), PISTOIA BLUES FESTIVAL (with Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall).

–  2011: European tour with Labyrinth as official support of SONATA ARCTICA (29 shows in 12 countries from 29 febbruary to 31 march)

–  he is a former member of the new EUROPEAN MUSIC ACADEMY with 7 schools in north Italy.

–  September 2011 ProgPower XII festival in Atlanta with the band LABYRINTH (with Therion, Vanden Plus and Forbidden)

–  late 2011 certified as Tech Music School’s assessor


–   2012 first drum method on metal drumming (oct-nov)


1997:  – Silent Victory “and be no more”  (promo tape)

1999:  – Ferula “ciò che ho da dire” (mini cd)

2000:  – Silent Victory “silent victory” (mini cd)

2001:  – Ferula “ferula” (mini cd)

2004:  – Scream “closed eyes” (mini cd)

2007:  – VISION DIVINE “the 25th hour” (scarlet record) worldwide

2007:  – ATHLANTIS “metalmorphosis” (underground symphony) special guest all songs  – worldwide

2008:  – ANGELIZE “omonimo” (autoprodotto) special guest all songs

2008:  – LONGOBARDEATH “bonarda B.” (Anger Music) guest in the song “barba pedana”- worldwide

2009:  – VISION DIVINE “9°W of the moon” (frontiers records) worldwide

2009:  – MASTERCASTLE “the phoenix” (Lion Music Finland) special guest in all songs – worldwide

2010:  – LABYRINTH “Return to heaven denied pt.2”  (Scarlet records) worldwide

2010:  – MASTERCASTLE “Last Desire” (Lion Music Finland) special guest in all songs – worldwide

2011:  – MASTERCASTLE “diamonds” (Lion Music Finland) special guest in all songs – worldwide